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23 April 2006 @ 06:58 pm
Artist Spotlight Guidelines  
These may be revised as we go, but I will warn you if that happens.

When posting for the artist spotlight, please put "Artist Spotlight" in the subject line. Cut uber-long posts, and give us an idea of what's inside.

Things you can post:
-Any information pertaining to the artist(s), past or current. (see this post for a list of ideas on what information to look for)
-Pictures of the artist(s) (please remember to use the lj-cut for photos over 400x500 and for multiple photos. Some of us are still running dial-up.)
-The band website (if one exists). </b>Do not label this as the official site unless it actually is the official site.</b>
-Fan sites, provided you clearly indicate that they are fan sites.
-Media files*

*a note on media files: Do not go crazy with this or I will ban it!
Friends lock all media posts.
Acceptable files include
-One or two songs from the artist as a sample for people to hear what the band sounds like.
-Music videos, preferably not downloadable ones, as in ones hosted on a website to view and that's it.
-Video clips, again, preferably hosted somewhere to view rather than download.
-Fan videos

Unacceptable files include
-Entire albums or singles
-Entire concerts or other videos available for purchase**
-Anything pornographic***

**I'm not saying you can't post a song or a clip from these videos, but refrain from posting the entire thing.
***Pornographic would be something exposing below the waste parts. There's no way to monitor age here, and I for one don't want to have a minor, or someone at work, accidentally download a video like that and get in trouble for it. So just don't.

Like I said, these may be changed, and if I find something I think is iffy, I'll ask you to take it down. Please, if I ask you to take it down, or remind you to friend's lock the post (media posts only), don't get offended. I'm not nagging, and I don't want it to feel like there are a billion and one rules here to follow, and I don't think these are unreasonable, but I'm not going to let this community turn in to a media-sharing community.

At the end of the current spotlight I will make a post announcing that the spotlight is over. Reply to that post with suggestions for the next spotlight, and if there is a consensus we'll go with that, or I'll choose at radom.

That's all. Have fun.
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