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東京の光 ☆ Tokyo Lights ☆

Welcome to tokyo_lights, a music comminity for and by the fans of the wonderful world of Japanese music. So much has developed over the years in Japanese popular culture, so many good bands, so much good music. We're here to celebrate and show our respect and admirations as musicians. If you haven't gotten the picture so far, this is a community for fans of Japanese music who are, themselves, musicans, be it that they play an instrument or use their voice as one. Maybe all of us aren't in a band, but we can all dreams for someday. ☆★

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Dir en Grey

please read the guidelines before posting
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Rules of Tokyo Lights
Please note:These probably will be changed/modified/added onto, but I'll warn you when I do... eventually ^_~

1) Accepted Topics
Stay on topic. I'm not planning on going Nazi on anybody, but try to at least talk about what the comminity is meant to, and try to put substance in your posts.

Here's an example of a substanceless obnoxious post:

● "Dude, J-Rock is teh bomb, dude!!1! I wanna be awesome like hide."

Sorry I can't make it more accurate for you. I tend to block out annoying stuff like that.

Here are some acceptable topics:

● Discussion of bands (members, instruments, style, fashon)
● Sharing images is okay
● Discussion on how Japanese music affects you
● Pimping of your own J-Rock inspired band is fine too (you know you want to make one)
● Information on Japanese music events

2) File Sharing
Because I know this is going to come up. Plain and simple, don't ask for music files, music videos, concert clips, or whatever else your devious minds can think of. This isn't that kind of community.

However, if you're looking for help on a particular song, it is more than okay to link the file. But put the post under the friend's lock if you do.

Also, if you have a band that plays these styles (and no, it doesn't necessarily have to be in Japanese), feel free to let us know about it and link some of your work. Friend's lock please.

Midi files... I have to say yes for requests on this one, because after muchos googling... I can barely find any. So you can request and share midi files only.

3) Lj-cut standards
As a couretsy to others please use the lj-cut feature for these things:

● Posts containing more than one image
● Images over 400X500 pixels
● Event descriptions if they get insanely long

4) Community Etiquette
All members must respect other members. As an understood rule, posts containing links to a band's site or music are open for criticism. THAT DOES NOT MEAN that you can't criticise them politely. If you think they suck and can't find something helpful to tell them, just keep your mouth shut.

Aspiring musicians like and need constructive criticism, even pros need it (look at Gackt for example). Since we generally don't have the money for someone who makes their living off of criticising groups who appear in public, it's helpful when we get feedback from people outside of our comfort group. This goes for all categories; style/appearance/music/lyrics/performance.

On the flip side, if you're criticised, take it in stride. Don't shoot back with an "I'm better than you so shut up" remark. If you feel the criticism was nasty or rude, contact your administrator sithkittie and she'll try to work something out.

The administrator reserves the right to delete any post that is deemed inappropriate, even if it is not addressed in the rules. You may e-mail the administrator if you have any questions regarding the rules.

Don't fight over stupid stuff! In general, just don't fight. If somebody says they like a band, don't slam them for it and say your likes are better. It's annoying, immature, and will be dealt with immediately. You will be pwned, but your adminstrator who hates those things.

5) Trolls
GO AWAY. You're really not welcome here ^_^

Seriously, trolls have the highest risk of banishment if they start their usual activities. If you're unsure of what trolling is, here's a few examples:

● "You guys are dorks"
● "Get a real life, pretending to be a J-Rocker's stupid"
● "You suck"

Beyond that enjoy yourselves and play nice.★

☆Represented Bands☆

If you would like your band listed here, contact the administrator with a hosted 80X50 icon and a link to your band's site or journal.
+d'espairs ray+, 10-feet, 12012, acid android, aiha higurashi, aiko, alicenine, aliza marie, amadeus, antique cafe, ares, art-school, asian kung-fu generation, aya, aya matsuura, ayumi hamasaki, b'z, baiser, bands, baroque, bass, beata, berry, black biscuits, blam honey, blanc noir, bleach, blood, bonnie pink, buck-tick, buffalo daughter, cali=gari, cello, chara, crystal kay, d[di;], das-vasser, deadman, dir en grey, dopeheadz, doremidan, dragon ash, drums, due'le quartz, duel jewel, ellegarden, eve of destiny, every little thing, fairy fore, fake?, fatima, gackt, gazette, givuss, glay, globe, guitar, guitar wolf, guniw tools, hayami kishimoto, heath, hide, hikaru utada, hyde, inoran, isabelle, j, janne da arc, japanese music, jpop, jrock, judy and mary, k@mikaze, kagerou, kagrra, kana, karimero, keyboard, kiyoshi, klaha, koda kumi, kra, kuroyume, közi, l'arc en ciel, la'cryma christi, laputa, lareine, luci'fer luscious violenoue, luna sea, mai kuraki, malice mizer, melt banana, merry, mini moni, moi dix mois, morning musume, mucc, music, namie amuro, nightmare, nookicky, olivia, penicillin, piano, pierrot, plastic tree, psycho le cemu, rag fair, raphael, recording, rice, ryuichi kawamura, s.o.a.p., sads, schwarz stein, schwein, scissor, sex machine guns, shazna, shiina ringo, shonen knife, siam shade, singing, speena, sugizo, tetsu69, the's, the back horn, the brilliant green, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, viola, violet uk, violin, x japan, yuki, zi:kill, ziggy, zigzo, zoobombs, zwei